This….This is the reason right here.

I think every single woman has said this at some point during the time they were single….This, This is the reason right here why I am single.

Realization is the first step. At least that’s what I am told. My problem is I say this to myself at least once a day.

I am not single, I am just alone A LOT. You can read the backstory in my previous blogs.

So every day, I do something that makes me realize why I am in the predicament I am in. Tonight was especially funny.

It’s Friday. Single women everywhere are preparing themselves for something. For some its work, others its to go out. I prepared myself in a different way. I feel as though its a more practical way. So I stop at the store on the way home from work and grab a few last minute Christmas gifts and snacks. I come home and take out the Nalahmonster, then get out of my work clothes. Turn on my favorite after work show, Hot Bench and Family Feud, and start filling out Christmas cards for my co-workers. Once I finish those up, I make a snack and cuddle up on the couch with the dog and start watching Scandal on Netflix. One particular episode they are talking about a gun being hidden for 10 years and not being rusted. This makes me remember that I haven’t cleaned my gun in months. So I continue watching the show while disassembling my gun and cleaning it.

This is where I realize what I am doing and laugh. Here I am, alone, snuggling my dog on the couch while watching Netflix and cleaning my gun. But, I prepared myself for something I guess. Heck if I wasn’t cleaning my gun I probably would have been in the gym, I’ll save that for Saturday night though.


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