Not your average thug

When I think about this in my head, I am quite the thug. Heck when I write it, some of you might even think the same thing.

I have quite a lot of tattoos, including one going down my hand that says Thug Life. I also am from Detroit, I own and carry a gun, my dog is a pitbull, the windows on my car are really dark, and I listen to rap as loud as possible.


When I hear “Thug life” I think of two things, Tupac and Pineapple Express. One is funny, the other is gangster.

I currently live in Virginia Beach, in not the best part of town, there was a shooter running through my complex a month ago. Does this make me a thug at all? No. So why am I writing about this? Because stereotypes are out there and every day I hear a new one. I do not sell drugs, despite being asked many times by people in my complex. I don’t even drink or eat meat.

So nice to meet you, my name is Bre and I am the sober, vegetarian thug from Detroit. Watch out! It’s funny cause I am a 5’2 white girl and my dog is a 50LB pitbull princess who acts more like a cat than anything. The two of us might look intimidating (sarcasm), but I can assure you we are a couple of scaredy cats (literally for Nalah).


Nalah, the big scary pitbull.

Next time before you judge someone, take a second to really look at that person and maybe get to know them. Heck, maybe you will make a friend or even have your views changed. Just cause someone looks rough around the edges, they might be the nicest person you meet or they could teach you something. Never judge a book by its cover.

A little explanation on my thug life tattoo…..for those who do not know…..Thug life means: The Hate U Give Little Infants F-cks Everyone. Simply put, raising children to hate or dislike things is only going to continue the downward spiral this country is already going down. Hate the cops. Hate certain races. Hate whatever. Spread love, not hate. When you go into things with an open mind and an open heart, anything is possible. I bet you never heard a thug say something like that. Anyone can be a “thug”, heck my 86 year old grandmother is probably more of a thug than half the people in Newport News.

My grandmother always tells me I am going to regret my tattoos when I get to be her age. I tell her when I get to be her age I will be lucky to remember my tattoos.

Just to confirm from my last blog that I had another “this is why I am single moment” today…..this is how we get down on a Saturday night.



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