The end is nearing…..

Not indefinitely…..just the end of 2015. I like to think I have had a successful year. Did a decent amount of events, not as many as I had planned but life happens. Here is a recap of my 2015:

  • 1- mile in the sand
  • 9- 5ks (one AG placed)
  • 1- virtual 5k
  • 1- 7k
  • 2- 8ks
  • 1- 10k
  • 1- virtual 10 miler
  • 1- virtual 11 miler
  • 7- half marathons
  • 1- marathon
  • 1- polar plunge
  • 1- kill that 5k
  • 3- GoRuck Lights
  • 1- GoRuck Tough

That doesn’t include all the training miles and fun runs with friends. I feel like there are more, I didn’t complete my goal of 10 half marathons this year but I stand at 11 half marathons total in my almost 2 years of running. Many lessons learned and many challenges completed/overcame. Next year this list might be shorter, besides beating my marathon time I would like to do a 50k and I forsee a ton of GoRuck events since my boo-nugget has decided to start doing them too. 

How was your 2015? Did you complete any goals and have you thought of any for 2016? Feel free to share as I am always looking for things to do!