The end is nearing…..

Not indefinitely…..just the end of 2015. I like to think I have had a successful year. Did a decent amount of events, not as many as I had planned but life happens. Here is a recap of my 2015:

  • 1- mile in the sand
  • 9- 5ks (one AG placed)
  • 1- virtual 5k
  • 1- 7k
  • 2- 8ks
  • 1- 10k
  • 1- virtual 10 miler
  • 1- virtual 11 miler
  • 7- half marathons
  • 1- marathon
  • 1- polar plunge
  • 1- kill that 5k
  • 3- GoRuck Lights
  • 1- GoRuck Tough

That doesn’t include all the training miles and fun runs with friends. I feel like there are more, I didn’t complete my goal of 10 half marathons this year but I stand at 11 half marathons total in my almost 2 years of running. Many lessons learned and many challenges completed/overcame. Next year this list might be shorter, besides beating my marathon time I would like to do a 50k and I forsee a ton of GoRuck events since my boo-nugget has decided to start doing them too. 

How was your 2015? Did you complete any goals and have you thought of any for 2016? Feel free to share as I am always looking for things to do! 


Well hello December

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Life and shenanigans have gotten in the way and I have had zero free time. What have I been up to you ask??? Well let me see…..

Halloween I did a GoRuck Light with a couple friends. I dressed as a dinosaur, which turned out to be a terrible idea (for the second time). I am not sure my dinosaur onesie will ever be the same.


We spent a lot of time in the water and I am impressed by the amount of sand and water that can be held in a fleece suit. I am also impressed that I am still finding sand and shells in my ruck.

November…..I spent the first weekend in North Carolina. Had a pretty good time just relaxing. I am a full time student as well as working full time so most of my weekends involve homework and trying to catch up on sleep that I lose out on during the week.

Veterans Day…..after looking at the event calendar, I learned that there aren’t any special events for GoRuck in Virginia next year. So last minute I booked a hotel room in Charlottesville and registered for the GoRuck Challenge (Tough). My life was still crazy and I felt like I needed to do this for me. Plus there aren’t any other chances of me getting my GRT in for a few months and well I wanted to do it then.

For those that do not know, GoRuck Challenge is 10-12 hours of Good Livin. During those hours you will cover between 15-20 miles. I’m betting that doesn’t sound like fun to some of you. Give it a try!

So the event starts at 9pm on Friday. I take the day off work so I can pack and make sure I have everything together, then drive 3 hours to the hotel room and relax and get the dog set up for the night. I leave the hotel at 8pm, my phone says it will take me 15 minutes to get to SP but I also had to get cash and find a place to park. I should have left earlier. I couldn’t find parking as there was a UVA football game that same night. I finally find a place to park and end up running to find SP, which was easier than I thought it would be. 10 hours and 18 miles later I am limping around UVA campus lost and trying to find where I parked my car. I was tired and sore. I wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a warm bed. After limping around for an extra 40 minutes I finally get to where I parked the car (note: if you EVER go to UVA and park by a starbucks…..remember another place too because there is a starbucks on two sides of UVA and they are far apart….I know) and head back to the hotel. I take the dog out, shower, then crawl into bed. Of course I couldn’t sleep. Too sore to get comfortable. I napped off and on throughout the day. I was supposed to leave Sunday morning to head back to the beach but I got frustrated and left Saturday night, driving 3 hours off of barely any sleep. It was nice to get home and crawl into my bed and sleep all night comfortably though.


Besides being happy for finally becoming a GRT, working my butt off and trying to maintain my 4.0, I really haven’t been doing anything at all. I have two weeks left of busting my butt in school until I get a much needed break until January, and I leave in 2 weeks to go back to the mitten to spend the holidays with my family. Not sure I am ready for that kind of cold yet though.